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Welcome to our website, which is intended for everyone who loves flying. We offer comprehensive aviation services, including the option of mediating employment in the aviation industry for pilots we have trained or retrained. Our professional aviation team can offer you practically all services ranging from private sports flying for fun, through aerobatics to professional pilot training and flights by private jet. We treat our customers individually and provide each of them with the best care in the sector, one we have been professionally active in for over 25 years. With our support, you will be able to avoid any potential problems in the aviation environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the web form below if you have any queries.


What exactly do we offer?


Simulator training and also in-flight training in the following aircraft:




- 72-500


- 72-600




- A320


- A330


- A340


- A350




- B737NG


- B737MAX


- B747-8


- B777


- B787


Light Sport & Aerobatic Aircrafts:


Cessna 172 - Sightseeing, navigation flights


Pipistrel Taurus - Initial and advanced training


Pipistrel Virus - Initial and advanced training


Super Decathlon - Basic aerobatics


Zlin Z142 - Initial training, navigation flights


Zlin Z526 - Aerobatic training


Zlin Z50 - Advanced aerobatics


We help flyers simplify their lives with private jet travel.


Why travel by private jet?


Tired of the lines and hassles of flying commercially? With private air travel you by-pass those lines and hassles, allowing you to arrive at the airport moments before your flight. Private air travel gives you more choices of departure and destination airports, putting you closer to those far-flung regions of the world. You can even change your destination while in flight. All these benefits significantly save you time and reduce stress. And for the frequent flyer, the economies of private jet ownership become quite compelling.


How do I get started?


First, let AIR VIP answer your questions about private air travel and air transport.


How does it works?


What opportunities work best for your situation? What is realistically feasible? Let us explain the differences between commercial rent of a Private Jet compared to private air traffic operation in form of air travel partnership or co-ownership participation in air transport.

Travel may be preferable than you ever imagined possible.


Let’s start the conversation.


What are the basic steps to choose the right aircraft for your needs?


During an introductory consultation we assess all entry requirements and possibilities considering your current or anticipated travel means. What are your intended destinations ? How often you would use an aircraft? The more you use an aircraft, the more favorable the operational costs. How many people would use the aircraft per trip and ? What about baggage and cargo?


All of the factors contribute to the decision of private air travel versus commercial. What are the advantages and limitations of destination airports, including your seasonality of travel? These can help select the right private aircraft for consideration. AIR VIP can guide you in this evaluation. Our expertise will help you reach the right decision about private air travel: Its suitability for your purpose, the right private aircraft, and  financial venture.


Once you have confirmed a serious interest in private air travel, AIR VIP can prepare a customized plan. It is a plan for the most efficient way of creating specific air travel partnership or arranging co-ownership participation in air transport. Information from prospective clients are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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