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We provide professional services in the area of aviation. This Internet space was created as a meeting point and a place for starting beneficial cooperation with potential clients who are interested in direct investment into travelling by Private Jets.


For why to invest into a Private Jet?


You will no longer have to queue up to check in as you do when you fly with one of the airlines. With a Private Jet, the check in takes only a few minutes. You may therefore arrive at the airport just a while before your flight. Another big advantage is that you may basically travel wherever and whenever you want. Based on the type of an aircraft you can choose the closest airport from your final destination. Thanks to a satellite phone you may even change your final destination during the flight. All these benefits significantly safe your time. Last but not least, in a long-term perspective, it is always more economical to own something than to rent it.


What do we offer to you?


If you have a serious interest, we are ready to tell you everything you need to know about private air travel and air transport, so that you were able to understand how it works and decide what in this area could be interesting as well as realistically feasible for you. We can also explain the differences between commercial rent of a Private Jet and private air traffic operation in form of air travel partnership or co-ownership participation in air transport. You may travel cheaper than you might have thought.

Choosing an Aircraft

What are the basic steps when choosing a suitable aircraft? During an introductory consultation we assess all entry requirements and possibilities of our potential clients, who are interested in air travel partnership or co-ownership participation in air transport, considering their current way of travelling. One of the basic details that are necessary to clarify before we start discussing selection of the most suitable type of aircraft are the specific destinations into which you need to travel. Another important thing is how often you would use the aircraft. Generally speaking, the more you use the aircraft, the more economically favourable are the operational costs. It is also necessary to realize how many people would use the aircraft for travelling and what would be the number, weight, dimensions and volume of the transported luggage items or cargo. That is because there is correlation between all data. A lot of predictable factors have to be made clear as there is for example a relation between performance characteristics of the aircraft, specific length and qualities of take-off and landing runways of individual airports or the season of the year. On the basis of the above mentioned information and materials and having considered all possibilities available we prepare suitable recommendations, using our know-how.

If our clients confirm their serious interest, we then prepare a specific plan. It is a plan for the most efficient way of creating specific air travel partnership or arranging co-ownership participation in air transport, so that our clients were as satisfied as possible. Data we receive from our potential clients are never shared with third parties.

Aircraft Management

We are able to provide comprehensive aircraft management including maintenance of Private Jet all over the world.

We can register Private Jets into operation at the best place for You and with the greatest discretion.

New clients who do not have experience with travelling by a Private Jet are welcome to go on a test flight.

Our team working in the area of aviation over twenty years. During this period we have delivered and operated several new as well as used private aircrafts.

We will be happy to give you more information on our offers in person. Get in touch with us via our contact form.

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